Video// DIY Flower Crown

Today I will be sharing with you guys my first DIY video!~
I will be sharing with you how I personally make fresh flower crowns.
I thought this would be a fun tutorial to share since I love to make and wear these.
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I have some ideas for some good future projects to share. ^__^V

✧S U P P L I E S/☾☆
Roses & Carnations: mine are from Safeway
Wire Cutting Scissors: From a hardware or craft store
Floral Wire (or pipe cleaners): Craft Store
Measuring Tape: Craftstore

✧C H A P T E R S/☾☆
02:09 -Creating the Frame-
04:38 -Filling in the Crown-
06:26 -Testing the fit-
06:37 -Resizing the Halo-
07:56 -Adding the Roses-
09:50 -Testing the fit- pt.2
10:01 -Filling the Crown-
11:23 -End Result-