Uni Wigs Hair Extensions (+Fishtail Braid Tutorial!)

In todays post I will be showing you guys what I did with my White Blonde Remy Human Hair Clip In Extentions from UniWigs!

I will share with you guys how I dyed them and style them <3

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Now I will be putting on the extensions!

I will be wearing the:
–x2 pieces with 2 clips on both sides of my head along with
–x4 Single clips I will use to help fill in some patches in the front area of my hair.

Below is a photo of before and after adding the extensions. (before left, after right)

Photo Apr 20, 10 39 53 AM

As you can see my hair looks so much fuller with the extensions added in.
Since I have layered hair it is sometimes hard for me to have long braids
since there isn’t enough hair that is the same length to finish the style evenly.
Below I will do a fishtail style braid with my extensions in.

Photo Apr 20, 10 40 20 AM


How to do a fishtail braid:
1. separate your hair into two parts.

2. take a small amount of hair from the outside of one of the parts.

3. now with the small hair part you separated cross it over to the inner of opposite piece.
(This is a process you will be switching off between the sides)

4. after you cross over the piece of hair and merge it into the opposite end’s pile pull on both sides to tighten the braid.
(Do the process a few time to start seeing the fish tail braid emerge, in photo #4 I did it 2-3 times at this point)

Just in case my instructions were not clear here is an instructional image I found online:

Photo Apr 20, 10 40 56 AM


Continue to do the braid for awhile~~ One you get to the end secure it with a hair tie.
I personally like to use the clear bands to finish off my hair.
After your hair is secured in a rubber band you can do this optional step.
–Gently pull apart the braid to make it have more volume.

note: If you have layered hair this step might accidentally cause you to pull out some of your braid, so gently tug with caution 🙂
That’s why having these extensions are so awesome!
I needed the extra hair to create a thicker & fuller braid.

Once the first side is complete do the same process the next side 🙂

Photo Apr 20, 10 41 23 AM


Below is the finished look!

I really am happy with these Clip in Extensions from Uniwigs.  They are my first ever set of hair extensions I’ve owned.
They were easy for me to use, I definitely recommend these.
Once I was able to color match them to my purple locks I was so excited to wear them!

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p.s. I’ll be sure to mention which future looks I wear them in via the description so you guys can see how I style them in future looks <3

Photo Apr 20, 10 42 07 AM

Question of the Day: Do you wear hair extensions?  Or have you ever been curious to try? Let us know in the comments!

extensions courtesy of UniWigs