Tokyo, Japan 2018 Vlogs


I’ve been really busy with life and traveling recently. Here is one of my most recent travels to Tokyo Japan. This is my second time flying out to Tokyo Japan, but my first time vlogging it. Sorry this isn’t a talking video, but i’d rather share what I see with you all versus making it too much of a vanity piece about myself :D. I hope this video gives you enough of an inside scoop to what it’s like visiting the beautiful and unique place that is Tokyo, Japan!

This is my part one of three! in this vlog I share my travels in Shinjuku (around where my hotel is), Harajuku, and going to Tokyo Disney Sea + Disneyland!

(00:09) ✧ Day 1: Shinjuku
(01:55) ✧ Day 2: Harajuku / Takeshita Street
(05:43) ✧ Tokyo Disney Sea
(10:53) ✧ Tokyo Disneyland

Here is my Tokyo, Japan Vlog Part 2! In this video I adventure around Shibuya, Harajuku, and go on 2 bus tours! I go on two tours that start at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. The first tour is called “Fuji Shibazakura & Tulip Flower Festival plus all-you-can-eat strawberry picking”. The second tour is called “Hitatchi Seaside Park & Ashikaga Flower Park Flower Festival and All-you-can-eat Strawberry Picking. Unfortunately for the first tour the Fuji Shibazakura was completely covered in fog so we didn’t get to see the amazing Mount Fuji View over the lake, but I had a great time seeing all of these stunning places. Enjoy!~

(00:05) ✧ Day 4- Shibuya
(02:25) ✧ Harajuku
(05:28) ✧ Day 5- Bus Tour 1
(06:11) ✧ Strawberry Picking
(07:14) ✧ Heidi’s Village- Tulip Viewing
(09:34) ✧ Fuji Shibazakura Festival
(06:11) ✧ Strawberry Picking
(11:17) ✧ Day 6- Bus Tour 2
(11:37) ✧ Hitatchi Seaside Park
(12:40) ✧ Strawberry Picking at Ichigo no Sato Farm
(13:16) ✧ Ashikaga Flower Park

PART 3 coming soon!

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