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Today’s featured brand is called The Little Bazaar!

The Little Bazaar is an online boutique for women’s leisure clothing, specializing in vibrant hippie styles. The niche is informal skirts – long cotton, tie dye styles, wrap around. Not formal clothing, but with accents of some kind, bright colors, or just a style that has a colorful soul. Skirts are complemented with dresses, tunics and jewelry that goes with it.
Customers love this store for colorful/bright bohemian styles that are differentiating; some are simply looking for long cotton clothing or for natural sustainable cotton wear which is hand made. The online model and happy customers that keep coming back help keep the prices really low when compared to similar fare offered by some high end stores. Not much is wasted on advertising and marketing.
The Little Bazaar probably has the largest selection of leisure skirts ready in stock, of anyone on the internet. They offer a boutique experience, with acclaimed customer service, and a long term relationship. Exchanges are free and returns are never a problem.
The store is so unique in so many ways, that its a ‘the find’. If you like this style, and you have found it, you keep coming back, because you don’t experience this style and clothing anywhere else. New styles show up on a continuous basis. Happy customers come back year after year, season after season.
The store is located in San Francisco suburb of Dublin – and with every style in stock shipping is fast, faster than Amazon Prime!

In these looks I am styling three very different skirts.  They each inspired unique outfits.
In the first look I am wearing the Mai Tai Brown & Black Skirt.  I paired this fun summer look with a simple black bralette, flats and a belt. By playing down the other elements in the outfit it helps bring focus to the statement piece- in this case is the unique skirt.  What I like about this skirt is that its a Wrap skirt.  This style is similar to an apron style where you wrap it around your waist with ribbon ties. It’s a comfortable flowing design that I simply adore.

For the next look I created a more edgy bohemian vibe. With the Camelot Crochet Mini Skirt. I wanted to have it standout by being the neutral colored piece among an outfit of wild prints and dark colors. I personally love to mix fabric textures, so pairing this velvet kimono, lace crop top, and crochet skirt is a signature Stardust Bohemian combination.  I love to mix it up as often as I can.  Finishing off the look I wore the Gold & Ivory Bangle Cuff set.

In the final look I wanted to go in a softer direction compared to the first two looks. I styled The Little Bazaar’s Snow White Crochet Maxi Skirt  and White Fashion Necklace. The theme for this look was a “ethereal bohemian” look that I would generally wear near a beach or in a garden of nature.  This dreamy all crochet look was shot at the end of the day when the sun was going down and the sky had a soft glow.  A beautiful was to end the day in a magical outfit.

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–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @StardustBohemian)

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look 1:
Mai Tai Brown & Black Skirt
Gold & Ivory Bangle Cuff

look 2:
Camelot Crochet Mini Skirt
Gold & Ivory Bangle Cuff

look 3:
Snow White Crochet Maxi Skirt
White Fashion Necklace

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