Coachella 2015: Day 3

Coachella 2015 Day 3: This look was styled for my 3rd day at Coachella, then life happened and some plans changed.  My boyfriend and I decided to stay back at the hotel with my puppy versus attending the festival. … Read More

Coachella 2015: Day 2

Coachella 2015: Day 2: Hello Lovers!  This was some of my photos from my Coachella day 2 experience.  Today was hotter than day 1.  In temperature and outfits.  I think most of the girls planned to look their best … Read More

Coachella 2015: Day 1

Coachella 2015: Day 1: This is my first ever Coachella Festival!  It definitely was an experience. I arrived around 4pm because we had some prep errands to run, like taking my puppy to her puppy hotel near by.  But … Read More