In a land far away..

In a land far away..: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California In a land far away.. I found peace & I found beauty that took my breath away. It was the magic of the earth. That feeling of being surrounded in … Read More

Big Sur, California May 26th 2018

On May 26th 2018 We went through Big Sur, California. We went with the intention to photograph the beautiful nature & some Shop Stardust Bohemian looks. It was such a fun & beautiful experience. See full footage from the day … Read More

Up and Away

 Up and Away: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California Away we go, moving onward back and forward from place to place. Let’s make this life an adventure and watch the world + all of its grace, The time is now–Up, up and away … Read More

Happy Place

   Happy Place: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California   The road brings me here again. Big Sur~ at the edge of California lies a wonderland of beauty. I am currently on a road trip driving from Washington to California~ and then … Read More