Wild Flower Fairy.

Wild Flower Fairy: Lookbook.nu

◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California

Happy Birthday to me!

As of March 1st I have officially turned 27.

My fiancee and I traveled to Joshua Tree, California and we witnessed the super bloom in the California desert.

I was completely surprised and it was so breath taking to witness!

I brought my designs with me to photograph and it was a very memorable birthday.

–Peace, Love + Light
x☆x @SeraStardust

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Lavender Outfit: Stardust Bohemian

Lace Skirt: Free People

Mermaid Crown: @WildandFreeJewelry

Moon Necklace: @Bohindiestream

follow your heart.

we’re getting married soon and ready to start the next chapter of our lives together.

follow your heart, it can take you to some amazing places.

x @SeraStardust

Photography by: Kay Salera

dress by: @Selkie

Rainbow Skies

Rainbow Skies: Lookbook.nu

◈⋙Location: Washington

Happy 2019! This is my first post of the new year.

I have been busy focusing on my small business, Stardust Bohemian.

I have been adding new collections & styles to my shop.

This photo shoot was spontaneous!

As I was in my design studio my fiancee told me to look outside at the sky.  It was a beautiful vibrant pink and I knew it would be the perfect back drop for the new color Serenity Bandeau I just added to my shop.  I call it petal pink! ˁ・ᴥ・ˀ

So I dressed up in the clothes from my studio and ran outside with no makeup on haha.

I hope you like the end results of the little shoot.

I have some plans to travel in February, so expect more content after that trip.

Have a happy new year! Chase your goals in this new year!


–Peace, Love + Light
x☆x @SeraStardust

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Top: Stardust Bohemian

Mermaid Crown: Wild and Free Jewelry