Mermaid Moon

Mermaid Moon:

◈⋙Location: Washington

Mermaid moon 🐚🌙
It’s pisces season and im feeling the creative energy.
I have been adding new listings to the shop
and also have been collaborating with some artists.
It’s only a few creatives I have been working with,
but since I have mostly been keeping to myself with independent projects it feels
new and refreshing to collaborate for a change.

For this post I have collaborated with my friend @MaylinaTribe
She uses shells & crystals to create Crowns, Accessories, and Wall Art!
In this photo I am wearing a crown & choker and holding one of her moons.
She does crystal customizations and color requests so all of her pieces are unique.
For mine I chose the general Purple, Pink, and white color scheme.
She also added amethyst and clear quartz crystals! So pretty.

View her shop below:

–Peace, Love + Light
x☆x @SeraStardust

◈⋙Shop the look◈
Serenity Bandeau in Light Blue: Stardust Bohemian
Lace Skirt: @FreePeople
Pink Skirt: @Selkie
Crown, Choker, Moon:@MaylinaTribe
Golden Moon Necklace: @Bohindiestream