Made with Joy

◈⋙Location: Washington, Roozengaarde

Tulip Season is here and it is always a happy time for me!
The tulips arrival is my big reminder that spring is here.
🌷 I look forward to this festival every year! 🌷

For this post I have collaborated with my friend @_MadewithJoy
She is a fashion blogger & designer from sunny California!
We have been following each other for awhile and is one of my online friends.
When I heard she was considering taking a trip to Washington I told her about the tulip fields that were in season and we decided to meet up and do a little shoot!  It’s so nice to meet other creatives on the platform. 🌷

View her blog below:

–Peace, Love + Light
x☆x @SeraStardust

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Serenity Bandeau in Red: Stardust Bohemian