Is there life on Mars?

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Is there life on Mars?:

◈⋙Location: Joshua Tree, California | 2015

Here is a shoot that I did while back in 2015 while in Joshua Tree.

Looking back on this time now this was one of my highlights of 2015– not just this specific Joshua Tree visit, but this 2 month long road trip my boyfriend and I went on.  From Seattle, down the coast to California. Then from Southern Cali to Las Vegas, and back up to Washington again.

–Side story– Yesterday we mourned the loss of David Bowie and celebrated his life.  I personally was a fan of his music and Iconic Image.
I scroll through my facebook feed and see so many lives he touched, our pop culture and the music he influenced.
I read an article that wrote what he did at each age of his life,  Of course I compared it to my current age 23 and was in awe of his accomplishments.

Although I know I may not affect the world as he did,  But I will take this as a reminder to keep on keeping on.

Moments like these wanderlust photo sets are a glimpse of the times I was adventurous when I was young.
A capsule of a moment in time when I went somewhere and did something, for me.

Since it is still early 2016 I will continue to talk about change and resolutions.  Because I am still finding my light and creating a spark.
Last post may have seemed dark– but sometimes I will make my blog a place to freely speak my mind and work out my thoughts.

I am a passionate person.  I love to be inspired.  It takes darkness to crave the light.

This is probably why I am so excited to go to Hawaii.  I am ready for some new energy.
These are my current thoughts I just thought I would share.

Question of the Day:  Are you currently inspired by life?  Let us know in the comments below.

–Peace, Love + Light
xx Sera (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

Photography by my partner in crime @TheBoy.Wanders

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