Gold Twig Pins (via XOVain)

Gold Twig Pins | DIY By XOVain

All you need is some gold spray paint ($5 to $7 at any art store), some twigs (free!), some Krazy Glue or hot glue,
and some bobby pins–which you probably already have. Combs instead of bobby pins would work for this, too.

Step 1: Gather your gold spray paint, Krazy Glue (I suggest hot glue), various twigs, and bobby pins.
Step 2: Spray the twigs with gold paint, wait to dry.

Step 3: Round up your dried golden twigs, glue, and bobby pins.

Step 4: Adhere the bobby pin to the twig with glue.

Step 5: Pin in place, and you’re all done! How’s that for a quick DIY?

Photography, Instructions, and full credit for this post goes to!