DIY Hanging Flower Garland (via SoulMakes)

Flower Garland | DIY By Soulmakes


Here’s what you’ll need
Fresh flowers (nothing super delicate or large, I used Carnations & Daisies mostly)
– String (go with something thicker, like embroidery floss, not thread!)
– Small needle
– Scissors


Step One
Trim the flower heads off of their stems


Step Two
Thread you needle into the base of the flower head and all the way though the flower

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Step Three
Add more flowers until you’re satisfied with the length. You can leave a lot of space in between each flower, or a little or none at all. Whatever you think looks best!

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Step Four
The best part! Decorate your home with it!


These garlands look perfect strung up in a window! But there’s no shortage of ways to decorate with them. You could string a few over a bed for a nice “head board” look. I totally want to try making one necklace style and wearing it around town like a lei. Hang them across the top of a door way or you could even make a short one to hang from a door knob. I also hung some vertically, in front a window to create a sort of floral curtain (pictured below). For those I used a bead at the end to prevent nay flowers from falling off.

Photography & Concept: MacK Mars
All decor pictured: SoulMakes