Cyber Monday Shopping Tips!

cybermondaybannerDo you prefer Black Friday: waking up at the crack of dawn Shopping deals in person,
or Waiting the extra two days till Cyber Monday: where they take the deals straight to your home and you can shop from the comfort of Online?
I personally prefer Cyber Monday. I mean yeah the shipping process can get backed up for some stores but I’d rather avoid the hassle.

Sometimes if you are not already counting down the days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can creep up on you fast!
Here are some tips that I have learned from being a sales shopping veteran of how to prepare for the day.

1. Scope out your favorite stores social media accounts!

Usually some stores hint (or even tell you the full details) via Instagram or facebook.

2. Join Your favorite Stores Emailing List!

They love when you join their emailing list and want to give their loyal customers the deals first. For Novella Royalle they let you shop their sale hours before the general public and gave out a special early access code via emailing list.

3. Start planning who you need to get gifts for.

Know who and what you want to get your friends and loved ones for the holidays so you can get their presents during this time of deals!

4. Figure out not only which stores you want to shop + choose which specific items to potentially buy!

For you or as gifts knowing which items you are getting will cut down your over all time on the different websites. During Cyber Monday you need to act fast before some items sell out.



>>This tip is important! If you think your item will still be in stock hold out and wait for the better deal!
UNLESS you know there is a highly likely possibility that it will sell out, in that case SNATCH IT UP as soon as you can!

Here are some additional

Online Safety Tips (via Moolanomy)

Additionally, here are some online safety tips to help you survive Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days for ID thieves and hackers, and you need to be on your guard. Here are some tips for protecting yourself while shopping on Cyber Monday:

  • Update your computer protection: Make sure that your online security software is all updated. You want your anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware software all as it should be, and set your security to at least medium.
  • Go directly to the store’s website: Don’t trust links in emails, even if you think the email comes from a mailing list you signed up for. Instead, type in the URL of the store directly. This can help you from entering personal information on a bogus site designed to steal your ID. Visit the stores ahead of time to verify their web addresses. You can even bookmark them for easy access on the big day.
  • Don’t send personal information via email: Never send payment information, Social Security Numbers or other sensitive via email, no matter who asks for it. Reputable banks and retailers won’t ask for you to email them this information. Again, don’t enter information, such as logins, passwords or other personal information, into a site that you linked to from an email. Type the known address directly.
  • Properly log off: When you are done with a transaction, completely sign out of your account. Clear your cookies and close the window. This might take a few extra seconds, but it can help protect you from unscrupulous third parties.

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Planning Prior to the sales day has many advantages. It gives you time to save and you can estimate how much money you need to set aside for shopping.
You might get anxious waiting (I know I did), but you will be far less stressed out having a plan of action versus surfing the web in a last minute rage.

Question of the Day: Do you have any Cyber Monday (or Black Friday) Tips? Let us know in the comments!

#2 Question of the Day:  Where do you shop on Cyber Monday?  This past Cyber Monday I shopped at Novella Royale.

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