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The natural crystals and their rough beauty are the source of inspiration for the winter collection of Chanel . Karl Lagerfeld it reworks the geometric shapes and metallic glow, creating accessories that help to strengthen the emotional charge of the parade. Stand on all jewelry in size extra large, with a look of semi-finished forged in the same metal reinforcements where they are trapped colored crystals.

Interpretation of the underground jewel, from delicate and precious in its most traditional becomes erratic and opaque, but very real and appealing. With the help of a raw material a little ‘unusual, we realize a bracelet worthy of a science fiction movie.

The Inspiration: Chanel – Watch the parade TO 2012-13

a bracelet,
chrome spray paint,
modeling paste,
natural crystals or irregular beads,
beads and stones drops


STEP 1: Glue the bead drops and stone crystals to simulate a natural crystal

STEP 2: Press on the bracelet with a ball of modeling clay.  Round out + flatten the edges.

STEP 3: Press stones and beads on modeling clay, leaving a dent where you will replace them later.

STEP 4: Let the modeling clay air dry. Then glue the outer stones on the cuff into the dents placement.
NOTE: **Only place the stones that you want spray painted silver in the next step, not the clear pretty gems.

STEP 5: Spray the bracelet and desired stones with silver spray paint.

STEP 6: Once that is completed and dry, add by gluing colored crystals in the rest of the blank areas.



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