In a land far away..

In a land far away..: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California In a land far away.. I found peace & I found beauty that took my breath away. It was the magic of the earth. That feeling of being surrounded in … Read More

Hobbiton Adventure! Hobbiton Adventure I am so excited to share that I recently made another check off my bucket list! I got to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand! I’ve seen so many photos of this place around the web and knew … Read More

Make your own magic

  Make your own magic: ◈⋙Location: Washington   Sometimes in life we need to make our own magic, create beautiful things we dream from our minds. I personally dream up ethereal clothing, and others make what the world inspires … Read More

Sprinkle Stardust on Your Life

  Sprinkle Stardust on Your Life: ◈⋙Location: Washington   Sprinkle Stardust on your Life💫 Surround yourself in art. Introduce more plants in your home space. Create a loving environment. Little adjustments like these can help to change your mood, … Read More


I am excited to announce my newest Stardust Bohemian collection~ my Fall/Winter Collection StarGirl! StarGirl was inspired by the Wanderlust girls who travel seeking out the magic in the world. ⭐ ✨ ☆ This collection, or more so this special design, is a black … Read More

Magic in the Air

Magic in the Air: ◈⋙Location: Washington   This look was a fun one to put together.  The planning began with the inspiration brought on by the magical iridescent lavender fabric in the sleeves of my top.  If you don’t … Read More

Big Sur, California May 26th 2018

On May 26th 2018 We went through Big Sur, California. We went with the intention to photograph the beautiful nature & some Shop Stardust Bohemian looks. It was such a fun & beautiful experience. See full footage from the day … Read More

Little O’ahu Adventure

I went back to my home, O’ahu Hawai’i for a week~ and while I was there I visited some of my favorite places. See the vlog from this day! subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!

Flower Girl

Flower girl: ★ See more from this day via my video ★ ★ Please like & subscribe to my YT channel for new content! ★

Star + Moon

◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii   Surround yourself with creatives and other like-minded people. It makes for great energy and better conversations ⭐🌙 Everyone meet @moxia.moon ✨🌟 She’s a dear friend of mine that I met in O’ahu while attending Fashion School. From … Read More

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